Bite-sized videos that get attention

Build brand awareness through community and relationship building.

A 6-week online course that transforms marketers into Social video producing powerhouses.

1 on 1 instruction

Look legit and polished. I’ll walk you through the video production process to developing a video and provide instruction on the equipment and software needed to make killer videos.

Build brand awareness

We’ll focus on your brand’s story and the best way to tell it visually to make you stand out. We’ll develop content that will keep people coming back and identify you as a trusted resource.

Engaging content

Learn to produce stories that communicate ideas quickly and effectively while engaging your audience and gain more impressions.

Record your own footage

You’ll learn to capture your own footage and make a video resource archive for future videos.

Script writing

Your story line needs to resonate with your audience. Learn what elements are needed and how to communicate and idea in a short amount of time.

Editing platform selection

There are many to choose from.  We’ll go through the pros and cons of each, select one, and start learning the program.

Transferable skills

Everything you learn in this course will set you up for producing longer and larger budget videos.

Video confidence

Knowing the steps that you need to take will give you the confidence you need to produce content that will stand out from your competition.

Posting and analytics

Once your video is complete, learn where and when to post, and how to track and measure the video’s success.

Up Your Social Content Game

Go from struggling to video ninja status in no time


What exactly is included in the course?

Three videos ready to share with the world. Two made by you, and one made by me.

– Six, 75-minute video calls that you record and keep for reference. We’ll go over the weekly lesson and 

  share screens with live demos. 

– Worksheets and exercises to guide you through the video production process.

– Unlimited email support.  When you get stuck, just reach out.


Week 1: Storytelling: What do you want to tell and who are you delivering your message to? 

Week 2: Developing a story line, writing your script, and making a shot list.

Week 3: Asset Gathering Part 1: Recording b-roll (no audio) footage and finding awesome stock footage and music.

Week 4: Asset Gathering Part 2: Recording interviews, setting the scene, audio, and lighting needs.

Week 5: Editing the story: Assembling all of your assets onto a timeline.

Week 6: Same footage, new story: Recycling your footage into a new video.


If you have participated in the Step into Your Power Story Audit, you can add the Video Ninja Training for only $1,500.

Learn to make a video like this:

Shot with iPhone 7 plus.
Edited with Adobe Spark Video

Not sure if this course is right for you?

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I had no clue where to begin research, what was valid advice or just companies trying to promote their product. The class was, clear, straightforward, and I really loved the opportunity to handle the equipment myself and ask questions!

Kate Jones, Secretary of the Board of Trustees @ Actors’ Theatre of Columbus

Beth did an excellent job instructing a class that contained a diverse amount of experiences and backgrounds when it came to videography. I feel very confident producing my next video after taking 'A Video Crew of You' workshop.

Andrew Zuk, Development Associate @ LifeCare Alliance

I felt like I didn't even know where to begin with camera equipment. I was definitely intimidated by the thought of trying to do lighting and work a "fancy" camera. I enjoyed the hands-on, in an environment where I felt comfortable asking questions.

Vicki Frost, Strategic Marketing Manager @ VERTIV

Beth is what her tag line says: Smart, Honest, Effective. She helped our office learn Adobe Spark in one afternoon. We have used the software now in so many applications. She also continued to follow up and answer questions when we needed more help. Beth is positive, a good listener, and affordable. She truly wants the client to be happy.

Erika Shemberg, Development Director @The Salvation Army in Central Ohio
I am ready to become a video
producing ninja!