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Assembly 2018

Exhibit Design & Production: The 150th Journey Exhibit celebrated the Past, Present, and Future of United Methodist Women.  Participants were invited to go deeper in connecting their faith to social action through a variety of traditional programs. In these experiences, participants were invited to interact, to read, and to act. Designed to be quickly-consumed, these experience stations focused in on the key, most-essential pieces of information, and delivered that through lively graphics, fast-moving narrative, and kinesthetic experiences.




The PAST highlighted eight stories of BOLD courageous women with beautiful 7’h x10w’ photographic backgrounds.  Three stories were portrayed by live actresses while the other stories had props that encouraged a photo opportunity.

The PRESENT included a information on the current programs that United Methodist Women funds.  Four of their priority issues were portrayed with hands-on experiences and action stations where members that were ready to take action could do so at a computer station. All of the displays will be shipped across the country and used as educational displays for the United Methodist Women.

At the Living Wage display, attendees were challenged with physically balancing a family of four’s budget on minimum wage. A giant scale held the family’s income on one weigh scale and expenses on the other. It was impossible to balance the budget as there were too many basic need expenses. The second challenge allowed for additional income and after the minimum wage was raised to $15, the challenge could be completed.

Women learning about the school-to-prison pipeline and the criminalization of girls of color walked through a “pipeline,” decorated on the outside with informational signs and on the outside with reflective questions and a string of interior lights. Brightly-colored graphics accompanied text to catch viewers’ attention – a necessary strategy in a crowded space during a packed conference. 

The Maternal Mortality display discussed the high rates of maternal mortality in the United States. This two sided display contained a nursery set up that discussed the reason for the high rate. The other side of the display had five bassinets filled with life like infant dolls. Each doll came with a story about their mother who had pass way due to complications following their birth.

The Climate Justice display debunked the marketing messages surrounding Natural Gas, specifically on job creation, health hazards, and safety. For the hands on activity, participants were asked to ‘plug the pipeline’. They were tasked with blowing up a balloon with an air pump while locating and plugging a hole that was in the tube of the pump. The leak represented to many leaks in the natural gas pipeline and how easy it is for natural gas to escape into the atmosphere.

The FUTURE included a 26′ grafitti wall where members wrote their dreams for the organization while two video booths recorded member testimonials. To foster conversation between members, a  display discussed each generation. Soft seating was located next to the displays to offer an area where members could connect and converse. Lastly, the Legacy Fund booth  was filled with laughter as it taught members how to incorporate fun into their fundraising efforts.

Graphic Design:  All of the graphics in the displays were designed by Mkg Dept. We chose a vibrant palette to bring life and excitement into the exhibit hall.

Video Production: Mkg Dept produced a video series and a promotional video prior to the event. The Cost of Bold series played from the main stage during the event and discussed the cost that bold women face when they choose to make change and help others. The project utilized historical photography, many which had to be researched, found and scanned. No editorial or photographic resources existed for Sally AsKew’s story. Luckily, Sally agreed to an interview and friends and family submitted images for the video.

This video series discussed the cost of bold behavior.

Charter for Racial Justice

How do you change a mindset? With love, kindness, conversation, persistence and patience. It took this bold group of women more than 40 years to transform racist behaviors and attitudes embedded deep within the United Methodist Church.


Sally AsKew

Sally AsKew stood in the face of adversity to fight for acceptance of others regardless of race and sexuality.

Deaconess Anna Hall

Health, relationships, time—these are precious resources that women in mission sacrifice while tending to the needs of others. Their gifts allow communities to blossom and flourish, but they come at a personal cost. Atlanta native Deaconess Anna Hall understood the cost of time.

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