Story Sketch

A messaging game plan for service based businesses.

The Story Sketch identifies the type of message your audience needs to hear to encourage them to convert to the next step in your sales process. Our process works through the goals you wish to achieve for your marketing and identifies your main and secondary audiences, the type of stories that will perform best on your marketing channels, and the keywords and subject matter to focus on in your marketing.


The Story Sketch is a deep-dive interview where I get to know everything about your messaging goals – who it’s for, how it fits into your marketing plan, and the outcomes you wish to achieve. The Story Sketch is the first step in our storytelling framework. We offer two versions of the Story Sketch.

Brand Messaging (M): I’ll identify what makes you different from your market competitors as well as the benefits your ideal clients care about most.

Video Production (V): I’ll identify all the ways to use one video concept to make multiple marketing assets that drive business development.


  • A 60-minute Zoom interview where we deep dive into your goals, current strategic growth plan, ideal clients and find your unique expert content opportunity.
  • (M) A written brief that identifies your unique brand opportunities and a plan to move forward.

  • (V) A content generating model that visually shows you how to multiply one resource into a variety of touch points for clients at different stages of your lead funnel.

  • A 30-minute Zoom call follow up to cover all of your questions and thoughts.



    (The cost of the Story Sketch is applied to the full project if you decide to move forward.)

    Not sure if a Story Sketch is right for you? Schedule a quick chat with Beth here to figure it out.

    "Video is the future of our company. Mkg Dept is the vendor to get us there."

    - Tom Harper, Business Development Officer at Blue & Co