Personal stories for marketing your self-made business

Step into your power. Grow your business with your story

Identifying what drives you and where that inspiration comes from allows for a deeper connection with your audience. Whether you employ a team or are a staff of one, having a clear authentic story inspires trust and creates a memorable connection.


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You started your company when you saw a need that you could fill. You’ve kicked some butt, made mistakes, and learned some invaluable lessons. You have the foundation for an amazing and unique story for marketing your business and building brand loyalty.

Small Businesses

You and your staff are your brand’s personality. Clearly defining the stories behind the brand will help communicate the benefits of choosing your company.

Step Into Your Power Story Audit 

Personal stories for marketing your self-made business

What exactly is included in the audit?

– Learn to transform the way you deliver information through memorable personal stories to create brand awareness in the market.

– Brainstorm meetings with a storytelling expert guide takes the guesswork out of the storytelling process so that you can clearly define your story quickly.  In these calls you’ll learn develop simple stories for your most difficult to explain topics, products, and services. (Two calls a month for a total of six calls.)

– Gain clarity around the stories you tell about your business to connect quickly with potential customers.
– Worksheets and homework will guide you through the storytelling process for each new story you tell.

Unit 1: Story Interview – Review of the stories currently being told about the business.

Unit 2: Content Audit – Look through the words and visuals that are being used in marketing the business.

Unit 3: Research – Identify qualities of your target audience and what stories they tell themselves.

Unit 4: Personal Stories – Discuss the brand through personal stories from employees, clients, and potential clients.

Unit 5: Script – Write out new stories for the brand.

Unit 6: Canva Training/Redesign – Revamp of current visuals and set up new branded templates in Canva. (Includes training.)



Unit 7:
Video Record Training – Learn to tell your stories through video by capturing brand footage for social media campaigns.

Unit 8: Video Edit Training – Edit footage into visual brand narratives.

I am usually at a loss for words that adequately express what I do. Mkg Dept helped me figure out the right way to authentically say what I do, how I do it and who I help.  I have never had someone help me craft my story before so this is totally new and necessary to moving my business forward.  Beth is really good at taking ideas and turning it into something real and tangible and visual…in words.
Natalie Wise

Owner, Pink Moon Essentials


Connect with your customers. 

Be memorable and the go-to brand they love.

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