Gain Clarity, Tell your story, and connect.

Ditch the elevator speech and tell stories that matter

Are you limiting your potential with the stories you tell? Are you memorable? Do the stories you tell resonate with your audience or are they left puzzled? Having a clear, authentic story inspires trust. Whether you are the owner or the employee, you have the power to share your worth.

You are more than your job. We limit ourselves by the stories we tell. You have the power to interpret facts and write your own story.  Get ready for your next opportunity. If you’ve ever been uncomfortable at a networking event and have verbally vomited all over a new acquaintance, this program is for you. Learn to step into your power and tell stories that inspire confidence and trust.

Business Professionals

Develop a killer answers to the nerve-wracking question, “what do you do?” During our storytelling strategy sessions, you’ll dig deep into the stories that are at the root of your identity.


Congratulations on taking the leap and starting your company! You’ve got a lot on your plate right now including marketing your product or service. Start strong and tell the world you are here.

StoryPower Script
Stop rambling. Be confident, focused and memorable.

What exactly is included ?

– Transform the way you deliver information about yourself through simple, personal stories that are memorable and repeatable. 

– Up to 3 x :60 minute strategy sessions with a storytelling expert where you’ll learn to develop simple stories about who you are and what you do.

– Gain clarity around the stories you tell the world about yourself.

– Worksheets and homework to guide you through the storytelling process.

– A new story script to tell new contacts and potential clients with guidance on how to customize it for different channels of marketing. 

Prior to our meeting, I’ll send you a brief questionnaire to help me focus on your story. Yes, you get homework! During our meetings, we’ll dive into your story and find a hook that will make people want to know you more. We will work through a few exercises and together develop your narrative.  You will practice it, try it out by meeting new people, and together we will tweak and tailor fit your story so that you feel confident. 

*For best results, this program is recommended to be completed within four weeks.

I am finding myself much more confident in responding to situations after I take the time to edit what I am saying down to the necessities. The biggest change is my anxiety. I don’t second guess what I have to say nearly as much and that confidence shows through. It is noticeable at work and leadership is more receptive to my ideas because of the confident way I am expressing them.
Cindy G.


Invest in yourself. Step into your power and own your story.

Be memorable and tell your story with confidence.

Stop trying to impress, connect!
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