Step into the spotlight and grow your business.

Story Challenge is a FREE resource to help you gain confidence in front of the camera. This program will challenge you to share your stories and thought leadership with the world.

You’ll receive a step-by-step guide through the storytelling process, and twelve weekly prompts in your inbox. Some weeks the prompts will focus on personal stories, while other weeks we focus on more business minded messaging. The goal will always to be to grow your confidence in front of the camera.

How it works:
Sign up below for a weekly story challenge prompt to be delivered to your inbox. Follow the prompt and record your story.  If you fall in love with a story you’ve produced, share it with family and friends or use it in your marketing. Don’t forget to add #StoryChallenge.

What you’ll learn:
– How to arrange your thoughts into a story that people listen to.
– Media training skills to allow you to step comfortably in front of the camera.
– How to deliver short meaningful content.

Video is an amazing tool to help us share our ideas, thought leadership, and expertise. We all know we should use more video, but it is just one more thing to do. If you’re like me, starting can be the hardest part. So take this Story Challenge and learn how to use video to grow your business. Connect with people on a deeper level than you have ever have been able to before through authentic storytelling.

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