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Beth Menduni, Founder of Mkg Dept and Video Story Studio

Meet the founder

Hi, I’m Beth Menduni. I am the Founder of Mkg Dept and Video Story Studio where we produce videos that convert. We don’t do flashy complicated creative; we focus on making human connections through story and value focused content. Our message mapping and story formula process allow us to identify the message your audience needs to hear to make a decision. We focus first on your marketing objectives and then outline a strategic video plan to capture the right message that converts.

I started the company was founded in 2016 to help young businesses harness the power of video to grow the companies. In 2020 we expanded our operations and added a studio recording space because market research told us that what our community needed was a quiet place to record with professional lighting and a friendly crew that accepts you where you are and coaches you through a stellar on camera performance.