Create and Utilize an effective Case Study for marketing

 A case study is a story that tells what you did for a client. Usually case studies are long and boring. We prefer short summaries with statistics on what was accomplished. Our strategy is to make a case study that inspires follow up questions and a connection with a potential client. Always take the opportunity to connect with someone and start a relationship.

There are only three things you need to answer in your case study: What was the goal? What was the plan? What was the outcome? When compiling your case study, think about anything special that happened during the project. Were there any constraints you faced or unforeseen problems that you solved? Remember that people love facts and figures. Think about things that were both increased and decreased as a result of your work. Use data to tell the story of success.

Always include a testimonial from the client in the case study. Having a third party state how awesome you are inspires confidence in potential buyers.

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