Testimonials are fantastic marketing tools. They offer another person’s perspective about the good work that you do and provide evidence to prospective customers that you are indeed, legit. But how can you utilize those testimonials to tell an effective story about the experience of working with you?

The first and most effective strategy is to post them on your website. Testimonials can be short graphical elements used to break up your website, while longer quotes are perfect additions to  Case Studies.  Include the name, title, company name and even a picture (if given permission) of your raving client, all of which will add to your credibility and to the overall effectiveness of your testimonials.

Customers will naturally gravitate to your website when making a decision to engage with you.  

If you have a button to schedule an appointment or a sign up form to download a resource, place a testimonial right next to it. If you are asking a prospective client to sign up or subscribe to something, sharing what a former client has experienced might be that added inspiration needed for them to engage with you.

Share your testimonials on all of your marketing channels. We incorporate at least one testimonial into our social feeds every month.  As long as you are regularly following through on asking for testimonials, you can build a catalog to pull from, and even separate them into relevant topics specific to your marketing topic that month. Video testimonials can be viewed quickly and easily from social channels, but a simple quote or short paragraph can be posted anywhere, at any time to reiterate your value. When we first started posting our testimonials, I felt a bit uncomfortable with the strategy as I was raised not to brag.

But it’s not bragging if someone else said it.

Try incorporating testimonials in your day to day communication. Email signatures are a great place to post your favorite short and sweet testimony. You send emails every day, why not add in a little sprinkle of love from your clients right by your name and contact info!

And of course, there is the tried-and-true printed collateral or ‘leave-behind’ materials that can be elevated by a few great testimonies.  Most clients will want references to review or call, so go ahead and provide that info right up front. They’ll appreciate the gesture.

That’s the power of your story. 

Need help telling your story?