testimonials for business growth

Every time my company finishes a project, we send out a follow up questionnaire. We want to know how we did and where we can improve, but the questionnaire also provides us with client testimonials that can be incorporated into our marketing. 

While most follow up questionnaires or surveys can be bland or vague, our questions help to encourage a testimonial by directly asking what they loved about our service. 

We let our clients describe what they enjoyed about working with us, enabling us to use those adjectives in our own marketing.  

One of the key questions in our survey is… ‘Prior to working with us, what were you struggling with?’  The goal of this question is to reawaken that feeling of frustration, describing the exact problem they were struggling with, and how our service helped solve that problem. Their answer here will help you to better understand the value you brought. It also gives you the exact words to use in your marketing in offering that service. Those keywords used to describe your service are crucial to connecting with future clients.

We also ask about the roadblocks they faced prior to hiring us and what happened when they tried to solve their problem on their own. What was different about our company’s approach? Were there any key moments experienced while working with us that stand out. Were there any breakthroughs? Was there anything that was done differently that they hadn’t experienced before?  Results are essential in testimonials so we provide our clients an opportunity to explain their take on the results.

Including information about the return on investment (ROI) in a testimonial is crucial. People are always nervous about hiring someone unless they can get a guarantee, although we all know that nothing in life is guaranteed.

Speaking to the results of a project from both a qualitative and quantifiable perspective will help to demonstrate the value you brought to the client.

Lastly, at the end of our questionnaire, we always ask if we can have their permission to quote them in our marketing.  We want to utilize their feedback, but more importantly, we hope that they want to share their love for us, going from customer to raving fan to ambassador.

That’s the power of your story. 

Need help telling your story?