Every good brand should have a distinct voice. Your story, what you value, and the way you deliver your message is what sets your company apart from your competition. Finding your voice means speaking your truth and letting people know what matters to you. When you have the courage to use your voice to tell your story, you are able to authentically connect with others and that authentic connection is what grows businesses.

How to Find Your Voice

Before we jump in, I need you to know that telling your story is one of the hardest things to do. If you find this exercise difficult, keep going. Everyone struggles in the beginning, but it does get easier the deeper you dive into your story and the more you tell it.

1. Get curious

First, allow yourself the permission to answer the questions below. Having an honest conversation with yourself is how you’ll find your voice. Go deeper than the obvious answers and question ‘why’ to every answer you give.

2. Find your why

Your ‘why’ is your passion and drive. It is your unique reason for why you do what you do. The following question series will help you get to the core of why you are in business. What services/products do you offer? What drives you? What is your mission to accomplish with your company? Why are you in business?

Before we move to the next segment to identify your audience, I need to tell you something important. Marketing is NOT about you. Yes we are working on your story, but marketing is really all about supporting your ideal customer’s needs and being the solution they are looking for. The best marketing centers around serving the customer. Anything else comes off as salesy, pushy, and boastful.

3. Know your audience

Knowing your audience is more than titles and demographics. You have to understand how they think and see their problem from their point of view. There are two ways to find those answers. First, have empathy and put yourself in their shoes. Secondly, ask them. Conduct some market research in the form of an interview. Reach out to your network and schedule a quick phone call and ask them a version of the following questions

What are your ideal customers struggling with? How does that struggle make them feel? How would they define the issue? How would your service solve that problem for them?

Use the interviews and their words in your marketing to talk about your services. People want to pay for you to solve their problem. It is your job to connect with them. 

Now that you have all the ingredients to find your voice – granting yourself permission, discovering your why, and knowing your audience – all that is left to do is practice your delivery and share it with the world. Building your brand voice is all about confidence, authenticity and consistency. Be confident and positive in your delivery and others will see you as an expert. Be authentic and open yourself up to form real connections with your audience. Finally, be consistent with your messaging so that when your audience comes across your content, they know what to expect.

With millions of content posted each day, it can be difficult to hone in on your brand message. A brand voice isn’t hard to find, just be you. Sharing your authentic self is how you’ll convert clients into ambassadors; the people who are going to love what you do and share your story. If you feel stuck and can’t find the right words, sign up for a storytelling strategy session and we’ll help you find the right way to communicate your value and brand voice.