How many videos have you seen while browsing social media today? Chances are you’ve scrolled past quite a few. Video is no longer the future of social media marketing, it is the NOW. More video content is being watched than ever before, with 85% of all US internet users watching monthly. When you post a video where you share your thought leadership, you are showcasing yourself as an expert. It’s a great way to tell your story. Implementing a video strategy into your marketing plan can give your business a major boost. We all have stories worth telling, the issue is, many people don’t get the results they expect from video because their strategy is all wrong. Here are three tips to creating the perfect video for your marketing strategy.

1. The Why

The first step to creating the perfect video is figuring out why you even want a video in the first place. Videos are expensive, and that is one of the barriers that keep many people from implementing them into their marketing strategy. Before blowing your budget, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. Who’s it for? Why are you doing it? How are you going to track and measure the outcome to know that it was successful? My goal is to make my clients video successful, so these are the things we’d need to sit down and talk about before shooting.

2. The Who

After you know the purpose of your video, you need to know who your audience is. The most successful video campaigns have one audience per video. The message you deliver to a 20 year old is going to be different than what you say to a 50 year old. Even if you’re selling the same service or product, you want to really think about the psychographics of that person. Think of how they’re feeling, what they’re experiencing and how you can make the content relatable to them. That’s going to create a better conversion for you.

3. The What

The final step is to determine your call to action. Someone has watched your video, but now what? What’s the next step for that person? Do you want them to purchase something? Do you want them to give you their email? Do you want them to read a resource? To understand your call to action, you must return to your original goal of why you’re making this video.

These three things are huge! When you’re creating a video, there is so much to figure out before you ever get to a camera or even a script. At Mkg Dept, we may work in video, but we are storytellers first. We want to give you the best results which means we need you to understand the logistics of your video before ever rolling the camera. Nobody should go bankrupt to make a video, especially the wrong one. We hope these tips help you determine your video marketing goals!