I want to be a goose.

Not for forever, but I’d like to be a goose for one day. I drove past a golf course this morning. The dew still covered the ground, but it was prime golfing weather.  A pair of golfers were taking advantage of the beautiful morning, but they had been interrupted by a family of geese blocking the green. The golfers had to wait. That flock was not moving. They were not scared of the golfers.

I admire the attitude that a goose possesses. “You best move on, this is my spot,” I imagine them saying with sassy attitude. Geese are not scared by large trucks moving towards them at 45 miles per hour.  They waddle right into the street knowing that the cars will stop.

I see this same quality in my two-year-old terrorist, Hank. He is unafraid of fast trucks in the street. As a mother it is my job to keep him safe and he knows he can get “big boo-boos” if he wanders into traffic. It is the same fear that I was taught when I was a toddler and reinforced through my entire life. It is what kept me afraid to start my own company.

These past few years I’ve had to face my fears and unlearn years of lessons that taught me what I was supposed to do or want. I think that is why I’d like to be a goose for a day. To experience that unabashed attitude.

“Beth, you can’t be a goose.”  So true.

If I can’t be a goose, how can I be like a goose? How can I wander bravely into the street and stop traffic?  I am still a work in progress.  I have yet to make it to the big street, but I am working my way there. I am practicing for that traffic stopping moment that is coming.

I face little fears and cross in the crosswalk.  “No one will pay for your time,” my inner mean girl said. I shut her up and started creating art and telling stories. “You are too fat to be on video.” I flipped her the finger and am working on my third video today. I’ve been on an amazing journey filled with new friends, fun experiences, and have told some awesome stories. Had I let my fears hold me back, I wouldn’t have these memories.

My advice for wanna be entrepreneurs? Take one step forward by facing a fear. Then another. Say yes to what scares you. Ask for help. Try something new. If it doesn’t work, then you found one way that doesn’t work. How can you improve or change it up to make it work? Try again. Take one step, and then another.

I hope you enjoyed my musings.  If you can questions about being an entreprenur or video production, please reach out or drop me a comment.

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