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We focus first on finding the story that will perform to hit your marketing objectives and strategic plan. Then we make a plan for capturing the video footage to tell that story. Our message mapping process allows us to identify the value of a brand and develop audience specific messages. Our story formula process allow us to develop video content that captures and maintains the attention of your target audience. 

Videos for Business Development

Getting in front of the camera can be a bit intimidating, but it is the best way to deliver an authentic message and create trust with your audience.  We can coach you through a stellar performance.


I had a clear message in my head, but could not convey it without the help from Mkg Dept. They took the time to understand our brand voice and walked us through their messaging and video plan for the project.

Brian Cheek, CTA

Executive Director, Destination Grandview

They Make Commercials, We Make Conversions™

A Storytelling Mindset 

We focus on the “Why” to build a strategy to reframe business stories in a meaningful and persuasive way for the target audience. 

Your videos will grow businesses and strengthen culture.

Mkg Dept did an amazing job of finding the authentic voice for The Wild Sage Collective. They put it into a script that was easy and felt very authentic for me to read. Then on production day, they made me feel incredibly comfortable in front of camera. Making me laugh, and feel beautiful throughout the entire process.

Erica Fullen

CEO, The Wild Sage Collective

Every time the camera rolls, there should be multiple campaigns in mind for the footage. 


Not sure where to start?

Your story is the hardest one to tell. We are here to listen and guide you through the video creation process to deliver on your marketing goals. Let’s talk.

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